Holding a group to participate in the Canton Fair hardware and electrical enterprises to reproduce the glory

A few days ago, as the "barometer" and "wind vane" of China's foreign trade, the Canton Fair, which has the largest scale, the most complete variety of products, the largest number of merchants, and the best results, thank you for reserving the reserve. Just like the fiercely held 109th in Guangzhou. Although this year was affected by the turmoil in the Middle East, the earthquake in Japan, and the negative factors of the macroeconomic environment, the number of exhibitors and exhibitions in the Canton Fair reached a record high this year. A total of 24,415 domestic and foreign companies participated, an increase of 816 over the previous session. As of today, the first phase of this exhibition is nearing completion, involving exhibits including electronics and home appliances, machinery, hardware, and building materials. After five days of intense trading, the hardware and electrical machinery companies from all over the world participated in the exhibition with great momentum and the turnover was gratifying. The following are some of the highlights of the first issue of this session of the Canton Fair. Highlight 1: Hardware companies grab the “mirror” As the most important exhibition platform for enterprises to obtain export orders every year, the Canton Fair is very attractive to hardware and electromechanical foreign trade enterprises. Therefore, foreign trade enterprises in various provinces and cities are eager to register. A total of 535 foreign trade enterprises in Taizhou have appeared on the stage, including 374 production enterprises, 55 foreign trade enterprises and 106 foreign-funded enterprises. There are 1473 booths, and the number of booths in the first phase is 634, including 534 brand booths, an increase of 26 from the previous session. The exhibitors involved in automobile and motorcycle parts, home appliances, plastic molds, sewing equipment, leading valves, furniture, and other leading industries in Taizhou, fully demonstrating the strong lineup of the Taizhou Foreign Trade Corps. According to the statistics of the organizers, nearly 300 companies participated in the Canton Fair in Jiaxing, and nearly 1800 exhibitors attended the exhibition. A total of 623 booths were obtained, including 138 booths in the first phase. There were 23 hardware booths and 25 booths for household appliances. 19 tool booths. In addition, in the first phase of the exhibition, 138 Jiaxing booths also appeared in front of Chinese and foreign merchants as scheduled, and 257 enterprises in Hunan also actively implemented the “going out” strategy and joined the ranks of the Canton Fair. Highlight 2: The transaction rate has achieved “opening the door”. In addition to brand promotion, companies can attract orders to be worthwhile. From the point of view of the first phase of the 109th Canton Fair, the order transaction was good. In the first three days of the first three days of the Tianjin trading group, the total turnover of goods was 180 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 27.1% over the previous session and an increase of 43.8% over the Spring Festival last year. Mechanical and electrical products are the main force of the transaction: hardware tools turnover of 64.51 million US dollars, accounting for 38% of the total value, transportation tools turnover of 18.81 million US dollars, accounting for 11% of the total value. The number of exhibitors in Linyi of the Canton Fair has increased by 12 compared with the previous session. The 109 booths in the first phase have attracted more than 3,000 visitors, signed an order and intention agreement of US$27 million, and achieved a “open door”. Highlight 3: Japanese merchants increased by 16.89%. Surprisingly, the Japanese market opportunities that were thought to be “shocked” by the earthquake did not fall and rise. The number of Japanese buyers reached 1,239 before the opening two days ago. In the same period, it increased by 16.89%. For many foreign trade companies whose products are exported to Japan, the primary concern is naturally the order for earthquake losses. According to several companies holding Japanese orders, the company has received news that Japan’s orders have been cancelled shortly after the Japanese earthquake. They also expect that the Japanese market will not improve in the short term. Compared with the "small retail" type of ordinary buyers, the voice from Japan's large multinational procurement group may be able to give the company a reassurance. On the 17th, the Canton Fair's large multinational company procurement recommendation will welcome the first Japanese purchasing company TRIAL. The sales are among the top supermarket chains in Japan, with a purchasing team of about 100 people, and the purchase amount is estimated to be $3 million.

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