Xi'an decoration classroom Chen Gong told you "prime gray wall" shovel shovel?

Some houses, the surface of the wall looks very smooth, is the so-called "prime gray"!
Is it all to be dealt with before brushing the wall?

Plain ash is a layer of overcoat that is cemented with a trowel. The purpose of doing so is mainly to cover up the quality problems of the civil engineering grassroots, such as cracks, empty drums, and unevenness. And blinding the eyes of the owners. Now 80% of the developers use a layer of grayish ash to cover up a gray wall. To use a key and other hard objects to scrape it, it is a piece of a gray wall. And the color is very deep and the wet cement color is almost the same as the harm of the scraper ash: when many scrape ash, no 108 glue is added, the moisture in the cement will be quickly absorbed by the grassroots, and the cement will not be able to solidify normally. Two pieces of leather, later tiling, the brick will fall, putty putty will fall off.
How to determine whether the gray should be eradicated:

1 Whether the eye looks at the wall is white, and whitening is generally not glued. It is to be eradicated.

2 If you knock with a hoe, it is easy to knock it off.

Some workers have said that roll glue can be solved, most of them are expedient, and the length of shedding time is still to be eradicated.
The decoration failures caused by primordial ash are not uncommon, which first appeared in the 96-year-old Ziwei, later the Rongqiao, the Zhuque Ledu, and the Triumphal City. The decoration company has caused great losses. Today's big companies generally recommend the owners to eradicate, or else the consequences of the signature will be at their own risk.

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