Ground process knowledge

First, tile craftsmanship:

The original wall surface is too smooth, brushed paint, latex paint must be used for eradication or roughing treatment, after brushing hair or powder cement slurry treatment again, uneven straight flat, for waterproof treatment (if needed), the old house If the wall is removed to the red brick, it must be tiled 7 days after painting, and a small amount of fresh water must be sprinkled on the wall before paving.
Before the tiles are laid, the floor must be fully cleaned, moistened with water, and lined with dry shop;
Wall tiles must be carefully selected before paving, soaking in water, paving with horizontal lines, vertical lines, optimistic about the pattern, bathrooms, balconies and floor drain kitchen floor to do a good return, the work must be fine, The 45-degree corner of the wall tile should be lapped with a sharpening stone on the basis of the cut after the cutting machine, so that it can be used without glaze, without burst edge, and with a smooth feel. The paving of kitchen, bathroom, balcony tiles and tiles is strictly followed by the procedures of wall pressing. The pure white mirror floor tile should be whitewashed before the pure cement slurry.
Kitchens and toilets need to be tiled water pipes. Wood production is strictly forbidden. Cement, yellow sand, and broken bricks should be used as the outer walls of the pipes. When bricks and tiles are paved, they must be cleaned in a timely manner. Do not empty the drums. After the tiles are finished, even if the bricks are cleaned, filled with caulking agent or white cement, repair all gaps;
After the tile is finished, the inner wire of the faucet interface must not be flat or retracted with the surface of the tile more than 5 mm;
2mm or more expansion joints should be reserved for tile and paving, and it is forbidden to apply seamless bricks with poor quality (without leaving expansion joints).
Second, solid wood floor pavement process:

1. Check whether the ground is wet or not. (For paint and latex paint, the worker will usually sprinkle some dust on the ground.) If wet, wait until the water content meets the requirements.
2. Determine the thickness of the keel with a horizontal line, calculate the position and spacing of the fixed keel according to the length of the floor, and use the ink line to pop up the straight line that fixes the position of the dragon; the impact drill drills the fixed keel and the nail hole of the baseboard, and the distance between the nail holes is the most 30 cm; with finished wooden wedges or homemade wood wedges, it is best to apply the oil on the wooden wedge once more (on the sun or under a fluorescent lamp to dry the water), and then screw it into the drilled eye;
3. Fix the keel with 2 inch or more loose flower nails, and insert the nail head into the keel within 1-2 mm. Line the keel to find (planing) the flat and clean it up; use the ink fountain to take the keel center line and the wall as the standard. Paving straight line;; pre-paved floors will be adjusted to the most ideal state of the color difference, the owners approved, it is recommended that the larger color difference of the floor under the bed and cabinet;
4. The insect repellent is evenly sprinkled on the ground. The moisture-proof film is spread across the ground dragon in the opposite direction of the woodland dragon. The joints must cross 10 centimeters. (Add a layer of moisture-proof film under the keel on the first floor)
5, in order to avoid mistakes in the floor has been paved off, it is recommended to pick up the floor in the opposite side of each floor marked with a font size, and then along the label to paved the floor;
6, when the floor paving the joints to be placed in the middle of the earth, not too much deviation, the floor should first use the pistol drill due to the 1.5-inch loose nails fixed on the keel, between each board and the board to add packaging tape For expansion joints (approx. 0.2 mm), expansion joints with a thickness of 0.5 cm or more must be reserved by the wall, and glue must not be applied between the joints.

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