Planting and Cultivation Techniques of Apocynum venetum Tea

Apocynum venetum tea - plant and growth characteristics plant height 100 ~ 200 cm, the whole plant contains sticky white milk. The main root is thick and dark brown. The sunny side of the stem is usually purplish red, and the stem bar is tough and is a good raw material for wild fiber. Leaves opposite, leaf ovate or oblong-lanceolate, apex with short apex, entire. Cymes inflorescences; flowers and corollas 5-lobed, corolla narrowly bell-shaped, shortly pubescent inside and outside; stamens of five anthers into a cone. Capsule long horny, up to 20 cm long. Most of the seeds, a cluster of white slender hair.
Apocynum venetum does not require strict environmental requirements. It is distributed in a large number of areas in saline-alkali and sandy areas, cold and drought-tolerant, alkali-resistant and wind-resistant, suitable for a variety of climates and soils.
Apocynum venetum tea - cultivation techniques 1. Propagation method Apocynum venetum seeds are seeded and vegetatively propagated.
(1) Seed propagation can be divided into live broadcast and seedling.
Live broadcast: Apocynum venetum seeds are small, and there are 2,000 seeds per gram of seed. It is not easy to unearth after germination. Therefore, it should be broadcast live on sandy loam with light saline and alkali. In the first ten days of April, the soil is prepared and watered, and 7.5 per hectare. In kilograms, mix it with the wet sand and mix it with the shallows. Avoid the topsoil knot, resulting in the lack of seedlings and dead seedlings. After the seedlings are unearthed, the grass is loosened and soiled, and management is strengthened. More than 150,000 seedlings can be planted per hectare, and the remaining seedlings can be transplanted to another place.
Nursery: In the northwest and large areas of wind and sand, the soil drought in early spring is not directly broadcast, and it is suitable for transplanting seedlings. Choose fertile loose soil, apply enough base fertilizer, make small sputum, pour enough water, soak seeds for germination, see white root tips exposed, pick up the seeds and spread them, keep the temperature around 20 °C, wait until the young buds grow, you can sow, shallow Covering soil about 0.5 cm, covered with millet roots, can not only water and soil compaction, after emergence, pick up the roots, 5 pairs of true leaves, transplanted.
(2) Asexual propagation of roots and cuts: The roots and cross-roots of Apocynum venetum can be used for breeding. The method is to cut them into small pieces of 10-15 cm, each with adventitious buds, and fresh and tender. No rotted root segments 1, 2, placed in 10, 12 cm deep soil holes, covered with soil, line spacing 60 cm * 30 cm or 40 cm * 40 cm, planted in early spring or early winter, the month after spring planting I can sprout long seedlings.
Sub-plant breeding: Shovel the stalks from the ground rhizomes, with a small amount of fibrous roots, transplant the ramets, and keep the soil moist after planting to facilitate the release of new roots. The ramets should be carried out in the spring and autumn, and the survival rate in summer is low.
2. After the field management of Apocynum venetum L., it is necessary to remove the intercropping seedlings early and apply the sulfuric acid town once. After 5 pairs of true leaves, the plants can be transplanted and planted. The number of seedlings per hectare should not be excessive. Because it is a perennial perennial root, it can cross the roots. Continuously issued new seedlings, more than 1.5 million plants per hectare on fertile ground, the plants are naturally regulated inside, and a large number of dead seedlings appear in the later stage. Ma Tian grows weaker. Under natural and wild conditions, 45 to 750,000 plants per hectare are saturated, generally per hectare. It is advisable to leave 900,000 seedlings or less, and too much to remove, in order to facilitate ventilation and light transmission, and the normal growth of the seedlings.

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