Acceptance example analysis: points of waterproof construction

Upstairs decoration downstairs leakage, bathroom waterproof project quality can not be ignored!
The waterproof layer of the bathroom shall extend from the ground to the wall surface in accordance with the relevant provisions, 100mm above the ground; the waterproof layer of the bathroom wall shall not be less than 1800mm, the surface of the grass-roots floor shall be smooth, and there shall be no defects such as looseness, empty drum, sand, cracking, etc., and moisture content. Should meet the waterproof material construction requirements.
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Entrance decoration restaurant decoration bathroom toilet waterproof bathroom waterproof material

Material :Natural slate , quartz,sandstone ,marble etc . 

Size       :10*40*(0.8-1.2)cm  

Shape   :Rectangle ,interlock ,mushroom  etc.

Packing :Hard carton then fumigated strong wooden crate.

 The wooden crate size is made as the container size . After loading the wooden crate in the container ,the wooden crates will nearly same size with the width of the container .It can make the wooden crate not have space to move during transport . In this case ,it can keep the stone safety mostly

Application : Can be used to decorate the outside wall or inside wall .Decorate your house ,decorate your life .

Super Thin Stone

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