Analysis on the improvement method of grinder measuring tool

The main gauge of the grinder is adjusted by the square to correct the direction of movement of the slider parallel to the work surface. The main ruler and the fixed external claw of the ruler have 90° vertical requirements in manufacturing and repair. A 25mm × 260mm angle iron and a 350mm scrapped caliper are spot welded into a square ruler, and are fixed on the back of the right front corner of the bed board with two M8 countersunk screws. The long side of the square is 130mm away from the platen. The vise is parallel, the caliper is placed in the jaws at the best scale position, and the caliper is slightly tightened to visually inspect the main ruler body so that the ruler body is aligned with the long side of the reference square.

When the ruler and the square do not overlap, if it is greater than or less than 90°, the caliper is pressed as the fulcrum, and the caliper is fixed by hand when the hand is swung by hand until it is perpendicular to the right angle. Thus, the square is perpendicular to the table top, and the ratio of the length of the outer claw working face to the length of the main ruler angle is 30 mm: 225 mm.

In addition to the clamping part, the length of the main ruler is 7 times the length of the external claw, that is, the length of the ruler is fully utilized, and the utility model has the characteristics of easy observation and convenient operation. Through the reference conversion, the accuracy of the square rule correction of the ruler is greatly improved, and the parallel movement of the external claws and the slider provides a guarantee.

Through such improvement, when the caliper is positioned, it is not necessary to repeatedly debug, which can avoid invalid grinding and quickly and effectively reduce the grinding amount of the measuring surface of the claw, ensure the stability of the grinding, and prolong the service life of the caliper.

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