Year-end decoration is busy and teaches you how to choose bathroom products

At the end of the year, the busy work is not over, and the big and small things in life are coming one after another. It is even more troublesome to rush to decorate a new house. For the white-collar workers of the wage-earners, the decoration and saving money are also to be considered, but because they are not familiar with the products and decoration, in order to maintain the quality, most of them can only choose high-priced products from the scalp. The top ten brands of Chinese sanitary wares teach you how to choose the money-saving and high-quality bathroom products.

The first is the large bathroom bathroom cabinet for the bathroom. For families with small bathrooms, it is recommended to choose a bathroom cabinet with a mirror cabinet. Combine the mirror for dressing and the cabinet for storing toiletries to save space. The bathroom cabinets with mirror cabinets are now more and more popular among young people. The new HH-807012, which was launched in 2013, is the classic of this type of bathroom cabinet. The soft curve of the bath mirror and the square combination of the main cabinets create a harmonious balance of aesthetics. Its professional high-quality "piano paint" process meets the highest requirements of the national standard, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, waterproof and high-gloss.

Furthermore, the toilets that are indispensable for the bathroom should be carefully selected. Before you buy, you need to know the type of toilet, and choose according to the space and the location of the waterway. Generally, the small-sized bathroom or installation location is not large. It is recommended to use a wall-mounted toilet. The water tank in the wall can save a lot of space. Pay special attention to the glaze of the toilet. The glazed surface of the toilet with good quality should be smooth and smooth without blistering and saturated in color. The brilliant toilet adopts Zhijie technology and anti-fouling technology. After high temperature pressing, it ensures the porcelain is durable and the glaze is smooth and smooth.

Finally, what must be said is the principle of carefully selecting hardware. A look at the brand, the quality of the general brand products is good, and the after-sales guarantee. Second, look at the package, consider the mutual cooperation of accessories and sanitary ware. Third, look at the material. When purchasing, ask if the material of the product is consistent with the label. Fourth, look at the coating to see the finish and wear resistance of the surface of the accessory.

Starting from the selection of bathroom products, Brilliant teaches you how to live more, so that you can easily become a decoration master, not only save money and have a good way, but never lower the quality of life. Brilliant plumbing, understanding life, know you better!

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