Construction Technology of Pt

The platinum penthouse ceiling is partially suspended around the room and can be designed in one or two layers. This decoration can increase the sense of space height, and can also change the indoor lighting effects. However, the premise of the platinum penthouse ceiling is that the room must be higher than 2.85m, and the room is larger. Otherwise, the space will be smaller and give people a sense of depression. The following Xiaobian introduced the construction points of Pt .

Wooden keel installation requirements

1. Material: The wood is required to ensure that there are no quality defects such as chapped, corroded, insect frogs, dead knots, etc. The specification is 30 to 40 mm in cross section, 40 to 50 mm in width, and the moisture content is less than 10%.

2. Design: The platinum sill ceiling is used. If the height difference is greater than 300mm, the tiers should be used for grading. The keel structure must be sturdy and the large keel spacing must not exceed 500 mm. The keel must be fixed firmly and the keel skeleton must be fixed at the top and the wall.

3. Construction: The deviation of the elevation of the ceiling should not exceed 5mm. The underside of the wooden keel should be planed and smoothed, and the thickness of the section should be the same, and flame retardant treatment should be carried out.

Wooden keel installation specification

1. First, the elevation line, modeling position line, hanging point layout line and lighting installation position line should be popped up.

2. There are two methods for fixing the hanging point on the top of the dragon frame: one is to fix the angle iron or flat iron directly on the top with a shot nail with a diameter of 5 mm or more. The other is to drill at the top and fix the iron or wood with expansion bolts to make hanging points. All should ensure that the lifting point is firm and safe.

3. After the installation of the skeleton of the surgical dragon, quality inspection and acceptance shall be conducted before installation of the decorative panel.

Decorative panel installation

1. The types of ceiling decorative panels are mainly two types of gypsum board and timber board. All of them require that the board surface be flat, free of irregularities, no breakage, and neat corners.

2. The method for installing the veneer is mainly two kinds of fixing methods of round nails and wood screw fixing methods, among which the round nail fixing method is mainly used for the installation of wood veneer, and the construction speed is fast; the screw fixing method is mainly used for plasterboard veneers, To improve plate nailing ability.

3, An decorative panel should be completely consistent with the wall surface, there are decorative corners can leave gaps, joints between panels should be tight.

4, when the ceiling should be set in the decorative panel when the lamp outlet position. After the veneer is installed, the finish of the veneer is also required. The commonly used materials are latex paint and wallpaper, and the construction method is the same as the wall surface construction.

The relevant information about Ptaya suspended ceiling is introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will help you. If you still have something that you don't understand, you can leave a message for Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer you as soon as possible.

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