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David Floor is the old brand of the Chinese floor. It is located in Suzhou, the ancient capital of the Millennium landscape garden known as the “paradise on earth.” David Floor is the first all-imported automatic floor paint line and is one of China's earlier UV paint floor manufacturers. What about David's floor ? The trend of follow-up in the industry is prevalent, and the innovation game among floor companies will also become more intense. At the same time, the diversification of market brands is dazzling, and consumers can't distinguish between good and bad when it comes to shopping. Here's a recommended floor for everyone - David floor . I believe that after reading the following introduction will certainly benefit you.

What about David's floor?

David Floor is a brand of David Wood Industry Co., Ltd., established in 1998 with a registered capital of 30 million RMB. It is one of the first solid wood flooring manufacturers in mainland China with the largest production and sales volume. It is also a large solid wood floor in Jiangsu Province. manufacturer. As early as 1999, David Wood had the first fully imported automatic floor paint line and was one of the earlier UV paint floor manufacturers in China.

In 2001, David Wood realized Germanization of equipment; David Wood also began research and development of antique flooring, mass production, and large-scale export as early as 2001. In 2003, he began to engage in the research and development and production of geothermal flooring. The floorings rich in high-tech content and humanistic aesthetics produced by David Wood have been in short supply in overseas markets. Today, David Wood still maintains industry-leading advantages in a considerable number of wood technology fields.


Today, David Wood proudly owns the mountains of Apia Kia in Paraguay, Guyana, Brazil, Argentina, and North America in South America, Gabon in Africa, Congo Gold, Limebia, and Russia in Khabarovsk in Russia. A wood raw material procurement base, it laid a solid foundation for the Davie brand to enter the Chinese market today. It covers an area of ​​nearly 70,000 square meters, a modern production base, and several world-class German flooring production lines build industry-leading equipment advantages. ISO9001 management The 62 fine divisions under the system have ensured the superior quality of the Davie brand in Germany.

David's floor is distinguished by its superior raw material handling, stable product characteristics, superb processing techniques, changing color palette, German quality paint treatment, deep artistic connotation and considerable cultural taste as the main product features. David The brand is also the first in the industry to advocate that human care and moving are often given to the floor and even the entire service. This makes the characteristics of David Wood's products and services even more distinctive. A David brand with a kingly style is ready to come out. David has ten floors. In the glorious overseas record, David floor has a profitable miracle of opening 200 stores a year. David people have the courage to use their R&D strength to create popularity and dare to use their hard work to realize their dreams.

David Floor Volkswagen Assessment

Consumer A: Yes, most of the credibility of the online evaluation is still good. The sales of various furniture stores are also good.

Consumer B: My home is very good, ah, a few of the same experts are also buying David floor, we often engage in activities here, there are many benefits, but the dealer is also good, super enthusiasm ~~~~

Consumer C: My home David floor is almost 3 years old. It was DW0052. I didn't find any problems. My daughter had nothing to do with the pulley at home. When I bought it, the clerk said that they were made from DaYa. The same as the substrate of the floor, quality and environmental protection are very good, and each piece of the board has hit the words of the large sub-substrate, feel comfortable, and the cost is very high.

David Floor Latest News

On December 3, 2012, the “2012 Top Ten Chinese Flooring Brands” online competition organized by the China Wood Flooring Network and organized by the China Wood and Wood Products Distribution Association's Wood Flooring Distribution Committee was successfully concluded. David Floor has won the "2012 Top Ten Chinese Flooring Brands" list with high quality products, good social reputation and perfect after-sales service.


David floor official website price

Flooring is one of the most important main materials in home improvement materials, and it is also a decoration material that is most affected by environmental factors and requires the highest stability and environmental protection. In today's fashion and personality, ordinary flat floor due to the color is too monotonous, can not meet consumer demand for personalized decoration. People are increasingly fond of the art retro floor, and the high price is indeed beyond the reach of people. It is recommended that you choose from the actual needs of the purchase of wooden flooring, do not blindly think that the price is good, in fact, as long as the quality is good, practical, in line with your home style product is a good product.

1, high-density fiberboard DWTB01 100.00 yuan / square

2, disc beans (green handle mulberry) 3G-S23LG01 358.00 yuan / square

3, high density fiberboard DWPM01 85.00 yuan / square

4, fine oak DWF4X54 138.00 yuan / square

The above is how I introduced David's flooring to you. Knowledge and content of David's floor price quotes. Follow-up related articles will be presented on time. If you still want to learn more about building tile, please continue to pay attention to it. Our website.

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