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People's awareness of the continuous improvement of decoration, demand for sanitary products is not just practical, there are product styles, practical and many people will choose to customize bathroom products, bathroom cabinets are indispensable part of the bathroom space, then how should it be customized What? Next, let's take a look at the specifics of bathroom cabinets .

Can a bathroom cabinet be made?

As one of the three major components of the bathroom, the bathroom cabinet not only has functions such as function, storage, but also can decorate the bathroom to some extent. Bathroom cabinets can be divided into PVC cabinets, solid wood cabinets, multi-layer cabinets, stainless steel cabinets, aluminum alloy cabinets and so on. But in this era of personalization, exactly the same thing can no longer meet the needs of most people. So, today I only talk to you about the bathroom cabinet can be customized?

First of all, bathroom cabinets can be customized. We need to know that the bathroom cabinet is a unique quality of furniture, unlike other furniture cabinets that must have a specific style, while the glass bathroom cabinet can be varied, and you can place your favorite bathroom cabinet in any position of the bathroom. . Secondly, when the glass bathroom cabinets are customized, because the main building materials used are all from glass, you can still use this to create a variety of shapes, can be more combinations, can be monotonous, in short, how beautiful can be how to design. Finally, you can also design the overall size and size of the bathroom cabinet based on the actual size of your bathroom and bathroom space. If your bathroom doesn't have too many accessories and decoration styles, then you can use the bathroom cabinet to achieve the desired The effect of the bathroom; If you already have your bathroom DIY very comfortable, then do not need to do too much articles in the bathroom cabinet. The biggest advantage of a custom-made bathroom cabinet is that it can fully and effectively utilize the available space. According to the space between the bathrooms, a bathroom cabinet with the same color, style and style can be designed. You can also add more ideas and features. You can say that This bathroom is not a changeable personality. Custom-made bathroom cabinets are generally produced according to the requirements of the user, of course, the designer will also make different recommendations based on your bathroom, such as style, color, size, location, special features, materials, etc., will make a with you Matching bathroom cabinets in the bathroom, such a custom-made bathroom cabinet should be said to measure the cabinet.

However, because the general bathroom cabinets are all together with the wash basins, there are few custom-made ones, and there are generally requirements in terms of dimensions, which can be discussed with the merchant and the size can be changed. The style of bathroom cabinet is actually divided according to the style of soft decoration, including classical style, modern classics, sunshine style, Mediterranean style and so on.

At present, custom-made bathroom cabinets have become a trend, more and more people choose to customize the furniture, which also uses a lot of custom-made furniture on the market, where Xiao Bian to remind is: when custom-made furniture Be careful not to be deceived. Bathroom cabinets do not have to look for bathroom brands, custom bathroom cabinets to find a special manufacturer of bathroom cabinets, bathroom cabinets custom size, color tone and practicality generally can be.

Bathroom cabinet customized, note 1, material : general custom bathroom furniture, the most important thing is to work hard in the selection, because of different geographical environment and different climatic factors, the customer's purchase needs are not the same. The bathroom cabinets are originally renovated in a multi-water area. Therefore, when customizing the bathroom cabinet plates, we must pay attention to the moisture resistance of its materials so as not to take long before it is broken.

Bathroom cabinets are mostly based on solid wood, MDF, and moisture-proof panels. They are mainly based on their own surface treatment process to resist the temperature, humidity, and even the sun refracts ultraviolet radiation, ensuring the long-term use of the substrate in the bathroom. Use, will not crack deformation.

Custom-made bathroom cabinets, attention 2, brand : Now for the bathroom industry, the custom bathroom cabinet manufacturers are very many, and their customized product quality is also different, and now many consumers do not understand bathroom cabinet industry Therefore, it is very difficult to determine the quality of the bathroom cabinets. Consumers need to find a good custom company when they need to customize the bathroom cabinet. It is better to choose a bathroom brand company to customize, because the bathroom brand products are of higher quality. Guarantee, and they will provide better after-sales service.

Custom-made bathroom cabinets, attention 3, Accessories : The general furniture is composed of many accessories, without the fitting and organization of these accessories, these furniture can not be any role, it can even be said that such a push wood is waste wood. Therefore, when customizing furniture, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality assurance of some hardware accessories while selecting accessories. Custom-made bathroom cabinets, the general accessories are some hardware accessories, such as bathroom doors are hinged support, as well as handles, hinges, etc., need to choose a good quality, to prevent some quality problems.

Custom-made bathroom cabinet, note 4, style : bathroom cabinet must match with the bathroom decoration style, so that the overall decoration of the bathroom would like to coordinate, because now customized bathroom cabinet products not only pay attention to appearance, but also need to pay attention The overall decoration effect, and now the bathroom space is relatively small, so when customizing the bathroom cabinet must pay attention to the size of the bathroom cabinet, the standard size of the bathroom cabinet is generally 800mm ~ 1000mm, width 450mm ~ 500mm. Since the size of the bathroom is almost the same, the bathroom cabinet can also be sized according to their own requirements.

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