Photovoltaic power station land pre-survey survey boundary

I. Overview

The photovoltaic power plant has two major tasks in the early stage. One is grid access, and the other is land pre-trial. Land pre-examination is divided into two parts, one part is temporary land occupation, that is, land occupied by temporary facilities such as photovoltaic modules, supports, and box changes; and the second part is permanent land occupation, namely booster station, centralized control center, assembly station, Coverage of permanent buildings such as transmission towers.

The nature of land temporarily occupied by land is generally unutilized land, including mudflats, swamps, barren hills, sandy lands, and saline-alkali lands. In addition, complementary forms of solar energy such as fishery-photosynthesis, agricultural-optic complementation, and other forms of solar energy utilization can use other agricultural land, including Pit pond water surface, ditch and so on.

The nature of the land that is permanently occupied is land for construction, and a land certificate is required.

Therefore, the pre-trial land of photovoltaic power plant project is divided into two routes, one is the pre-trial of temporary land use, and the other is the acquisition of construction land and related formalities.

No matter which route, it is necessary to conduct the survey field first.

Second, the definition

The so-called surveying and determinating field is based on the needs of land use, and organized by the national and state departments at all levels and undertaken by the qualification unit. The technical service is carried out to define the scope of land use, determine the location of the boundary, adjust the status of land use, and calculate the land area. Sex work provides scientific and accurate basic data for land and resources administrative departments such as land use approval and cadastral management, and is mainly used for surveying and mapping maps and planning plans.

Third, the process

In the field of survey and demarcation work, the application of the survey and delimitation community is first entrusted by the land unit, the qualification unit organizes teams and instruments, and together with related parties, they go to field operations (foreign operations). The internal industry then outputs the results of field work as maps required for land prequalification. Submit to Land and Resources Bureau for review and acceptance.

The specific process is as follows:

Fourth, charges

According to the "Surveying and Mapping Production Cost Quota (2009 Edition)" to collect fees.

The field survey and measurement community will charge fees based on the surveyed area, 267 yuan/mu; the field topography will be charged on a scale basis, 1:500 will be charged at 260 yuan/mu, 1:1000 will be charged at 144 yuan, and 1:2000 will be charged at 62.4 yuan. The foreign industry is charged at 500 yuan/point. (The author WeChat public account: Photovoltaic experience network)

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