How to solve the "color difference" problem?

Many families prefer to choose wooden flooring, mainly wood flooring to give people a warm and comfortable feeling, but also more environmentally friendly. However, the color difference of the floor often becomes the focus of controversy between consumers and merchants. It is often the trouble of buying and selling, and the color difference of the floor is allowed according to the national standard. What is the color difference of the floor? Is the color difference of the solid wood floor more serious? Xiaobian introduces the problem of floor color difference for everyone.

First, what is the floor color difference?

The "color difference" is explained in the sea as: the difference between the two colors. The color contains three characteristics of hue, saturation and brightness, and the chromatic aberration is the difference of the three. When consumers buy the floor, they often find that there is a difference in the color of the floor, which is commonly known as the floor color difference.

Two: Is the solid wood floor more serious?

Compared with the color difference of the laminate floor and the color difference of the multi-layer solid wood floor, the color difference of the solid wood floor is indeed serious; in the process of production and processing, the solid wood floor is composed of a kind of material from the bottom to the surface, and the tree production is caused by the sunlight. The color of the heartwood is different from the outer color of the trunk, so the color difference of the solid wood floor is inevitable.

Third, why is there a floor color difference?

1) Natural factors: During the natural growth process of trees, due to the influence of climate change and soil conditions, the color and texture of different parts of the same wood are naturally formed. The heartwood is usually dark in color and is located inside the cross-section of the trunk. The heartwood is gradually transformed from the sapwood, while the sapwood is located outside the trunk and is usually light in color.

2) Installation factor: Because the floor itself has color difference, if the installation master does not observe the floor color during the installation process, put similar or similar colors together, or the floor with large chromatic aberration is installed to the hidden position, it must be Will give the owner a feeling of large color difference on the floor.

3) Environmental factors: The color of the floor near the window is obviously brighter than the color of the floor in the dark position. This is mainly due to the visual floor color difference caused by the sunlight.

Four: Is the color difference of the floor a quality problem?

In general, there is little chromatic aberration in the reinforced floor itself, and it is unrealistic to consistently match the natural chromatic aberration of the solid wood floor. Solid wood flooring must have a color difference that is naturally inevitable, which is determined by natural attributes. Therefore, the state does not require color difference when formulating relevant standards. Therefore, it is normal to have a slight color difference during installation.

Five: How to solve the "color difference" problem?

In order to avoid the excessive color difference of the solid wood floor, it will affect the overall aesthetics of the living room. We will carry out the trial paving during the paving, and gradually transition during the paving process, laying the solid wood flooring close to the color, and the rest can be paved. Under the bed, closet and sofa can alleviate the visual difference.

As a consumer when choosing a wooden floor, there must be an understanding and understanding of the chromatic aberration of the floor. The ability to lay solid wood flooring in the home, in addition to bringing environmental protection and health, is a good performance. However, for consumers who are particularly unacceptable for the color difference of solid wood flooring, the choice of solid wood flooring needs to be carefully considered.

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