Yan Gao Releases Industry's First Kitchen Hardware Standard

Yan Gao Releases Industry's First Kitchen Hardware Standard

On October 13th, the drafter of the national standard for the kitchen hardware industry announced that Gaogao Group had released the industry's first kitchen hardware quality and service standards. The five corporate standards are "the same material, the same factory; quality assurance, five-year commitment; 24-hour fast response; 48-hour acidity salt spray test; 50,000 GS life test".

Yugao Group stated that kitchen hardware products are low-intensity, high-involvement durable goods, users tend to be rational, and product strength is the core strength of the enterprise winning market. The five major standards that hardware insists on the same high-quality materials for the project and retail, the price can be discounted, the quality will not be discounted; all kitchen hardware products enjoy 5 years of quality assurance; to provide customers with 24-hour all-weather fast service; all functional hardware surfaces are passed 48 hours of acid salt spray test requirements; service life of 50,000 standard GS standard life test requirements.

It is understood that Yugao Kitchen Function Hardware Co., Ltd. has cooperated with German EBIB Hardware Technology Group for a long time and owns an advanced R&D center. It has a R&D team of more than 50 people, including German and Italian experts. All products have obtained SGS and other domestic and overseas service life. Test certification. At present, the company has built a kitchen functional hardware (Daliang Fengxiang) manufacturing base covering an area of ​​50,000 square meters, and has become a large kitchen functional hardware manufacturing center integrated with production, research and marketing.

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