FYS plastic corrosion resistant liquid under the pump conditions

FYS-type plastic corrosion-resistant submerged pump is a vertical single-stage single-suction centrifugal pump for conveying non-solid particles and difficult to crystallize corrosive liquids, then it has what the use of restrictions? FYS plastic Anti-corrosion liquid under the pump conditions 1, the medium temperature -5 ℃ --105 ℃ 2, the depth of the liquid: L = 250 --- 2500mm 3, the flow rate: Q = 1.5M3 / H --- 400M3 / H 4, Head: H = 6m --- 50m 5, speed: n = 1450r / min --- 2900r / min 6, the pump can transport corrosive chemical media such as hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, sulfuric acid, Caustic soda, soda ash and so on. In summary, the FYS plastic corrosion-resistant liquid under the pump conditions, I hope everyone can use the pump to pay attention to these conditions. Extended reading: China Construction Water Exhibition Pump Valve Tube Fittings Exhibition Water Expo Xiamen Maritime Industry Exhibition Industry Interconnect (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. Asia Pump Network Editor: He Daohui (QQ / WeChat:) http: //beng.liuti .cn / (Service Hotline:)

The xunda Heat Shrinkable Pipe Coating designed for corrosion protection of straight pipes, fittings, bends, elbows and other irregular configurations. It consists low pre-heat modified bitumen sealant adhesive and thick-wall irradiated cross linked polyolefin.   When heated the backing layer shrinks and the adhesive flows and forms a reliable corrosion protection seal onto metal and adjacent coating surfaces. 

Heat Shrinkable Pipe Coating

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