What is the effect of exterior primer on the exterior wall?

What are the benefits of exterior primer for construction? Many customers or decoration companies do not attach importance to the primer and think that the primer is in the inside. It does not matter much whether it is good or bad. What is the role of the exterior primer in the exterior wall? Let's take a look with Xiao Bian below.

What is the effect of exterior primer on the exterior wall?

In actual fact, the effect of the construction of the outer wall primer and the grass-roots treatment is very big. If the primer is not applied or the construction is improper, there are often problems such as mildew, peeling, and biting at the surface.

Visible external wall primer is an important part of the entire wall construction process, the role of external wall primer construction includes:

1. Reinforce the grassroots to reinforce and protect the loose interior wall putty;

2. To reduce and evenly absorb the water absorption of the base layer to prevent the paint film from being uneven and the color from being poor due to the large and uneven water absorption of the interior wall putty;

3, to improve the adhesion of the coating on the putty, the primer generally low viscosity, surface tension is slightly lower, fine particles, good fluidity, easy to penetrate into the putty surface, resulting in good adhesion;

4, the sealing effect, the primer can penetrate into the putty layer to fill the pores, can effectively prevent putty in the salt, alkali and other harmful substances with the evaporation of water to the paint film surface migration, affect the topcoat surface effect and the overall performance of the paint film .

The above is a brief introduction to the role of the exterior primer in the exterior wall. I hope to help you. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.

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