Forklift gear pump lifting system common faults and solutions

Lift system is one of the five commonly used systems commonly used forklift gear pump, which is often encountered in the failure of the system, then the system what are the common failures? And how to solve it? With this question, then we will introduce the forklift gear pump lifting system common faults and solutions. Forklift gear pump lifting system common failures and solutions First, the gantry tilt is not synchronized, the fault occurs because the two inclined cylinder stroke inconsistency or cylinder pipe joints at the junction of the size of the hole caused by inconsistencies, when encountered The solution to this failure is to adjust the stroke of two tilting cylinders and to change the fitting with the same orifice. Second, the mast can not be hoisted when no load, this is because the multi-way valve overflow hole plugged, by clearing the multi-way valve overflow debris debris on it. Third, the fork racks descending too fast, this is because the inlet port speed limit valve does not work, this only needs to repair the speed limit valve on it. Fourth, the fork door automatically fall, this is because the lack of hydraulic oil tank caused by the solution is to overhaul multi-way valve, add hydraulic oil. Expand to read: China Construction Water Exhibition Pump Valve Pipe Fittings Exhibition Water Expo Xiamen Maritime Exhibition Internet + Forum Industrial Internet (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. Asia Pump Network Editor: He Duanhui (QQ / WeChat:) http: // (service hotline:)

Glass Fiber or fiberglass,Commonly known as FR4,is a kind of performance of inorganic non-metallic materials, a wide range of advantages of good insulation, heat resistance is strong, good corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, but the drawback is crisp, poor wear resistance.

Glass Fiber is a glass ball or waste glass as raw materials by high temperature melting system, wire drawing, winding, weaving and other manufacturing processes, the monofilament diameter of a few microns to over 20 microns, the equivalent of a human hair 1/20-1/5, each bundle fiber original SiDou consists of hundreds or even thousands of root monofilament.

Glass fiber is usually used as reinforcing material in composite materials, electrical insulation materials and adiabatic insulation materials, electric roadbed and other areas of national economy. It mainly have GLASS FIBER,ESD GLASS FIBER.


1.Stain resistance 
2.Good abrasion resistance 
3high temperatureresistance 
4.Excellent machining characteristics


 I. Define and purpose 


This laminated product is formed through heat pressing after electric industry alkali glass cloth dips into the epoxy resin. Glass Fiber has high mechanic and dielectric performance, applicable as insulation structural components for electromechanical/electrical equipment, as well as used under damp environmental conditions and in oil of transformer. And it can Withstand a variety of chemical solvents and acid erosion.



II.Technical requirement for surface 


The surface shall tidy and smooth, bubble, impurity are not allowed. But slight scratch and color punctum are allowed. Edge is to be cut smooth. The delamination and crackle on the end surface are not allowed .



III. Application 


Chemical machine parts , general machine parts and gear ,and generators, Pads, base, baffle etc..Generator ,transformer, fixture, inverter, motor and electric insulation component.




(1) the tensile strength is high and the elongation is small (3%).

Glass fiber cut yarn

Glass fiber cut yarn

(2) high elastic coefficient and excellent rigidity.

(3) the elastic limit is large and the tensile strength is high, so the absorption shock energy is large.

(4) inorganic fiber, non-flammable, good chemical resistance.

(5) small absorption.

(6) stability and heat resistance.

(7) good processing ability, which can be used in various products such as stock, beam, felt and weaving.

(8) transparency can penetrate the light.

(9) development and completion of the surface treatment agent with good resin.

(10) the price is cheap.

(11) Glass Fiber is not easy to burn and can be melted into glass beads at high temperature.


Specification: the diameter of the Glass Fiber rod can be produced from 2mm to 250mm. The conventional length is 1000mm, and the length is unlimited.

The thickness of Glass Fiber sheet material can be produced from 0.3mm to 1.9mm, the normal width is 600mm, the width cannot exceed 1200mm, the length is not limited.

The thickness of plate can be produced from 2mm to 180mm, the usual specification of 2-10mm is 1000mm* 2000mm, and the commonly used specification of 10-180mm is 600*1200mm. Glass Fiber can also be customized according to requirements, and the width cannot exceed 1200mm, and the length is not limited


Color: Black,White and Green, can also be made another color, and the color order is 500KG.


Modified varieties: Glass Fiber can be added to the fiberglass, copper powder and molybdenum disulphide to enhance the bar.

Add antistatic agent to the permanent antistatic electric bar, and the volume resistance value is between 6 to 9 power of 10.

Add flame retardant to flame retardant rod from UL 94V-0 to HB flame retardant grade. Other modification requirements are customized according to customer's actual use.


Product certification:Glass Fiber most environmental certification reports and safety reports for raw materials, such as SGS report, CTI report, UL report, MSDS safety information, etc.

Glass Fiber

Glass Fiber,ESD Glass Fiber Plastic Sheet,Glass Fiber Plastic Sheet

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