Easy to grasp the indoor brush wall tips Warm reminder: those things must see in the winter brush wall

The exterior finish of the wall is divided into indoor walls and outdoor walls. Wall decoration is an integral part of architectural design. Modern interior walls use color and texture changes to beautify the interior environment and adjust the illumination, and to select various materials that are easy to clean and have good physical properties to meet a variety of functions. The common ways of interior wall decoration include wallpaper and brush coating. If you choose the latter, then you need to have a certain understanding of the wall decoration techniques . Here I will introduce you to this decoration method from the interior decoration wall sequence, wall decoration techniques and costs, so that you can easily deal with the house wall decoration.

Interior decoration wall order

1, to the original wall shovel out, otherwise it is easy to react, a long time will make you a new scratch of the wall surface is easy to blistering and shedding. In addition, the putty can hardly adhere to the wall surface of the paint.

2. After scraping the original wall, first level the wall with putty or scraping wall powder, usually two times, mainly to see the flatness of your wall. After one time, use sandpaper to grind the scraper for the second time. .

3, after the leveling can be scraped white, and generally is also two times to survive, once after scraping after sanding, after the second sand grinding.

4, the final brush latex paint, latex paint is generally two times, but it is necessary to pay attention to wait for the first time completely dry after brushing the second time.


Easy to master brushing skills

Step 1: Check

Whether the complete rough wall is solid and flat. If the wall is not strong or there are large cracks and holes you need to redo. Individual holes can be repaired with plaster.

TIPS: Use hard objects to draw a line on the wall to know that the wall is not strong enough.

Step 2: Masking

When the wall surface is treated, there will be dust floating, or putty, paint, glue, etc., so that furniture, floors, lamps, etc. are hidden in advance.

TIPS: In particular, valuable items that are easily dirty, they must be protected to avoid leaving regrets.

Step 3: Prepare

First clear up the walls of floating soil, floating dust. Then evenly roll over the concrete interface agent and wait for it to dry (usually more than 2 hours) to scrape the putty.

TIPS: After 28 days of cement curing, the new wall surface will be puttyed.

Step 4: Putty

General wall scraping can be putty times. Poor flatness needs to be scraped several times in the local area, and more serious ones can be leveled with gypsum. Every scraping of putty should be separated by more than 2 hours.

TIPS: Choose water-resistant putty scraper, it is strong, water-resistant, not easy to cracking.

Step 5: Grinding

Put 1-2 days after scraping. Polishing Optional At night, use a light bulb of 200 watts or more close to the wall, while grinding to see the flatness.

TIPS: When the putty is polished, a lot of dust will be produced and masks will be prepared in advance.

Step 6: Brush primer

Before brushing the primer, remove the dust after the sanding. The primer can be brushed again and again. Be sure to wait until it is dry (2-4 hours) before proceeding to the next step.

TIPS: If you can't wait for the putty to dry, apply a primer to the base.

Step 7: Brush finish

The topcoat is usually brushed twice and the first pass is left dry for at least 2-4 hours. After the second brushing, it takes 1-2 days to completely dry out. Before drying out, take care of the waterproof, drought, and sun protection.

TIPS: Coating water up to 30%

Step 8: Acceptance

The survival wall should be solid, flat, vertical and horizontal, no cracks, no holes, uniform color, full paint film.

TIPS: We must also pay attention to checking the condition of the furniture.


Interior decoration brush wall costs

1, labor costs

There are two ways to calculate the labor fee for decoration and wall painting. One is calculated according to the area of ​​the wall, about 32 yuan per square meter, and the other is calculated according to days. The labor cost of the general painter is 200 yuan a day.

2, material fees

In addition to labor costs, the cost of brushing the walls will naturally include the cost of wall materials, such as putty, paint, and paint. These costs will not be detailed with everyone, because if it is to find a decoration company decoration, generally these materials are provided by the decoration company, the cost is calculated together. If you look for someone to decorate, then you have to look at what kind of material you choose.

In the renovation of the wall, remove the wall putty about 5 yuan, between the wall curing 2-4 yuan, 7-10 yuan is the common environmental protection material processing, latex paint between 3-20 yuan. The process of brushing the wall is batch grey + brushing the wall, brush with the indoor environmental putty 2-3 times, polished smooth, and then painted or 3 times with a wall paint, brush primer again, finish 2 times.

Editing summary: The above is to easily grasp the interior wall brushing tips Warm reminder: Winter wall must see the relevant presentation of those things, interior decoration brush wall is a very important decoration process, understand its skills and order can make your home wall The surface is smoother and has a quality guarantee. It is clear that the required cost will allow you to complete the renovation work at a lower price.

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