Henan seizes the "Internet +" opportunity

Abstract On November 18th, Internet elites from home and abroad gathered in Zhengzhou to participate in a grand event on "Internet +". In this province, hosted by the provincial government, the provincial development and reform commission, Henan Province "Internet + & rdqu...
On November 18th, Internet and elites from home and abroad gathered in Zhengzhou to participate in a grand event on "Internet +".
At the “Internet +” Open Cooperation Conference hosted by the provincial government and sponsored by the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the provincial government signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Baidu, Inspur and Digital China; in the centralized contracting project, our province and Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Jingdong, Suning and other five companies reached 34 specific cooperation projects; the conference signed more than 430 projects with a total investment of more than 85 billion yuan. The "big coffee" attending the meeting repeatedly stated clearly that in the process of promoting "Internet +", there are many fields in the forefront of the country, and they have taken the lead in the tide of "Internet +".

Create a network economy province
The cross-border integration and in-depth application of the Internet and economic and social fields and industries have become an irresistible trend of the times, and are profoundly changing the traditional production methods, consumption patterns, business models and management models.
In his speech, Governor Xie Fuzhan said that Henan insists on the development of "Internet +" as a long-term strategic task and the urgent issue of current development. We will focus on e-commerce, modern logistics, entrepreneurial innovation, and advanced manufacturing. In the fields of modern agriculture, financial innovation, and convenience services, we will comprehensively expand the breadth and depth of integration of the Internet and various fields, and promote Henan to become a hot spot for the development of “Internet +” in China and accelerate the creation of a major province of network economy.
The convening of this conference will promote the all-round cooperation between the province and domestic and foreign Internet companies. A number of influential “Internet +” major projects will be implemented and effectively promote the implementation of “Internet +” activities in our province. The conference was paid attention to by all walks of life, and the participation of traditional enterprises became a bright spot. Among the contracted projects, the company's wholly-owned or joint-venture projects accounted for 54% of the total; enterprises cooperated with the government, the government adopted 59 cooperative projects such as purchasing services, and 39 projects were constructed by enterprises and governments in the PPP model.

"Internet +" opens up new space
This conference can be described as the “first in the first place” in the development of “Internet +” in China. It has established a platform for domestic and foreign Internet companies to understand Henan’s advantages, needs and policies in developing “Internet +” for the provincial government, enterprises and society. The field has learned about the latest achievements and concepts in the field of Internet at home and abroad, and will open up new fields and development space for the future innovation and development of the province.
Sun Tingxi, director of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, said that a total of 215 cooperation projects have been signed at the conference site. These projects cover a wide range of fields and are distributed in many cities across the province.
According to the materials provided by the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the contracted projects cover 10 e-commerce, Yimin services, efficient logistics, collaborative manufacturing, modern agriculture, entrepreneurial innovation, artificial intelligence, convenient transportation, inclusive finance and network infrastructure support. field.
At the same time, the contracted projects are widely distributed, and the project covers all provincial cities and municipalities directly under the jurisdiction of the city. Among the centralized contracted projects, Zhengzhou, Xuchang, Shangqiu, Anyang, Hebi, Luoyang, Jiaozuo, Zhoukou and other cities and Zhengzhou Airport Economic Comprehensive Experimental Zone signed more than 10 projects.

Four major fields spread "hero posts"
To develop the "Internet +" economy, our province has many advantages.
The development of e-commerce in our province has entered the first phalanx of the country. The pilot business of cross-border e-commerce services is leading the country, and the data resources and application market are vast. At the same time, Zhengzhou is one of the top ten Internet backbone hubs in the country, with strong infrastructure support. In addition, the provincial government cooperates with many well-known Internet companies and telecom operators, and the effect of open cooperation is obvious.
The provincial government has clearly established a major Internet economy province. The conference also sends invitations to cooperation with domestic and foreign Internet companies. The conference made it clear that the province hopes to carry out extensive cooperation with domestic and foreign Internet companies in four aspects: speeding up infrastructure construction, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, innovating public service models, and actively promoting entrepreneurial innovation.
"Internet +" economic development space is infinite, is becoming a new engine to accelerate economic transformation and upgrading, and become a new way to stimulate public entrepreneurship and vitality for innovation.
In the goal of building a large province of network economy, Henan is making great strides.


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