Analyze the development space of fingerprint locks

Fingerprint lock definition and composition

The fingerprint lock refers to the direct use of the fingerprint as the input signal, and the relevant information is identified and processed to control the mechanical actuator to perform the opening and closing of the lock. It mainly consists of the following two parts:

Fingerprint identification and control part: consists of a fingerprint collector, arithmetic control components and input/output circuits.

The lock body and the outer casing part are composed of a mechanical lock body, a casing, a handle, and the like.

Fingerprint lock function

The functions of the fingerprint lock mainly include: fingerprint login, fingerprint deletion, information storage, usage authority management, alarm, emergency unlocking, and the like. In addition, many manufacturers have added some additional functions, such as integrated doorbell, voice prompts, networking, telephone alarms, etc. The high-performance fingerprint lock is also equipped with a human-machine dialogue system such as a liquid crystal display, which has a high level of intelligence and has a guiding operation. , query the opening record and built-in parameters, setting status and other functions.

Technical Parameters

Fingerprint lock technical parameters mainly include fingerprint capacity, light sensitivity resolution, verification comparison time, rejection rate, false alarm rate, recognition angle, working voltage, working environment and so on.

1. Fingerprint capacity The fingerprint header can register the maximum amount of fingerprint storage.

2. Optical resolution The accuracy of the optical fingerprint head when reading the fingerprint image. In theory, the higher the resolution, the better. At present, the resolution of the fingerprint head is generally 500 DPI (dots per inch).

3. Verify that the comparison time is also called the matching time, which is the time difference from the time the fingerprint is collected to the result of the fingerprint matching.

4. The fingerprint image collected by the same finger with the rejection rate is judged as the proportion of non-identical fingers when performing 1:1 matching, and is expressed as a percentage.

5. The fingerprint image collected by different fingers with different false positive rate is judged as the proportion of the same finger when performing 1:1 matching, and is expressed as a percentage.

6. Identify the angle When the fingerprint is captured, the angle that the finger is placed on the fingerprint head is allowed to exist.

7. The required voltage for normal operation of the operating voltage. At present, the fingerprint lock on the market is mainly battery-powered, and the rated voltage is 6V (usually 4 sections of alkaline batteries). In addition, according to industry standards, fingerprint locks should have backup power. In order to solve the problem of standby power supply, the manufacturer added an emergency power supply interface device to the lock case when designing the product, and can be powered by a 9V laminated battery or other equivalent power supply.

8. The working environment can include both mechanical and climatic environments, generally referred to as the climatic environment. Including low temperature, high temperature, constant humidity and heat, it is to measure the ability of fingerprint lock to adapt to the external climate.

Fingerprint lock development prospects

Fingerprint recognition technology is the embodiment of fingerprint lock as a carrier applied to real life. Due to its unique features such as convenience, safety and fashion, it has gradually emerged in the hardware of locks.

At present, most fingerprint lock manufacturers are gathered in engineering projects. The popularity of the civilian market is only the beginning. It is believed that it has the same space as the traditional mechanical lock consumer retail market.

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Label: Analyze the development space of fingerprint locks

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