The phone can be thinner! Black technology battery finally appeared

This year's Taipei Computer Show can be said to have a lot to see, not only the latest computer hardware, but also a variety of black technology is also emerging.

According to Taiwan media reports, Lithium Technology, a lithium-ion battery manufacturer from Taiwan, brought the latest lithium-lithium batteries at the Taipei Computer Show and also conducted field tests.

The new product is divided into FLCB soft plate lithium ceramic battery, PLCB soft package lithium ceramic battery and ELCB high volume energy density lithium ceramic battery three, in addition to ELCB series, the remaining two are currently in volume production stage.

FLCB soft plate lithium ceramic battery is the world's first lithium battery based on FPC soft board substrate, not only has excellent dynamic bending and curling ability, but also has a thickness of only 0.38mm.

Since this battery uses a non-flammable solid-state ceramic electrolyte, it will not leak, fire or even explode when subjected to physical damage such as impact, puncture, flooding, or shearing. The safety performance is very high.

In addition to the FLCB soft-plate lithium ceramic battery, a PLCB soft-packaged lithium ceramic battery was also on site.

PLCB soft pack lithium ceramic battery is packaged with aluminum plastic film, so the capacity is larger than FLCB soft plate lithium ceramic battery, and the same as the latter, PLCB soft pack lithium ceramic battery will not produce any dangerous situation when it is physically damaged. .

Regardless of the products that have been listed, the highlight of this exhibition is the ELCB high volume energy density lithium ceramic battery.

The biggest feature of this battery is that it has a characteristic of up to 810Wh/L, and its capacity reaches 1.2~1.5 times that of currently available lithium batteries, and other features are consistent with the previous two products.

Although current FLCB, PLCB and other technologies have been quite mature, and there are many products using such technologies as the HTC One Max battery holster, but due to productivity problems, resulting in this type of battery products can not currently appear on mobile phones and other devices. In addition, Huineng Technology also said on the site that it has no plans to apply it to mobile phone products.

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