What is the bluestone paving step

Bluestone can be seen in many streets and alleys. Bluestone is a kind of sedimentary rock. It is not only durable, but also inexpensive and non-polluting. It is well received by consumers. However, in daily life, buildings decorated with quartzite can be seen everywhere. For example, the road surface paved with quartzite, and the wall decoration. The following small series for everyone to introduce what is the bluestone and bluestone paving steps.

What is bluestone

The name of limestone is limestone, which is dense in texture and medium in strength. It is mainly used for grounds in gardens and roof tiles. Because of the different conditions of the depth of the rock and the incorporation of other metal oxides, a variety of colors are formed, that is, the color of the quartzite is not a single cyan. The blue stone slab is an ideal building material because of its dense texture, medium strength, and easy processing. Used for wall skirtings, floor coverings and a unique style of ancient architecture.

Bluestone paving steps

1. Preparation: Based on the construction, familiarize yourself with the dimensions and practices of each part, and find out the relationship between arc positions, corners, and other parts.

2. Grassroots treatment: In order to put debris on the grass, remove the mortar stuck on the grass with a wire brush and clean it.

3, try spelling: In the beginning of the shop, to each area of ​​the quartzite, in accordance with the pattern, color try to spell, align the whole block on the edge of the arrangement, after the spelling number arranged in two directions, and then press Number code put neatly.

4. Elastic lines: In order to align the quartzite slabs, do a good job of firing the line within the paved area, and then find out the surface elevation according to the standard height of the plate surface.

5, test row: You can lay two roads in two directions, the width of the band is greater than the width of the plate, the thickness can not be less than 5CM. Combine the construction size map and the actual size of the landscape paving area, and arrange the paving plates so that the gaps between the plates can be checked, and check the plates and wall surfaces, columns, openings, tree pools, side edge stones, and flat edge stones. relative position.

6. Before the trial shop, the panel should be removed and cleaned up. The thickness of the screed screed according to the horizontal line and the design requirements should be moistened with a watering can and the cross control line should be pulled. Begin to find the leveling layer of dry-hard cement mortar (1:2.5 dry hard cement mortar, dry hardness is hand-kneaded into groups, and landing is suitable for dispersion), and the thickness control should be higher than the surface level when placing the bluestone. 4mm. After the shop is covered, use a small bar to scrape it and use a trowel to level it.

7, paving slabs: in the laying of the first wet plate, according to the paving area to pull the control line, can be used as paved with the dial. You can try the shop that is to move the plate and the right and the horizontal control line to lay on the paved dry mortar leveling layer, use the rubber hammer to knock the wood plate, compact the mortar to the laying height, and lift the plate to the side Check whether the surface of the mortar is consistent with the plate. If any void is found, fill it with mortar, and then form a paving. Put a layer of prime cement slurry with a water/cement ratio of 0.5 on the cement mortar binding layer. The plate, when placed at the same time when the four corners fall, tapping the wooden plate with a rubber mallet or a wooden hammer, leveling with a horizontal iron level according to the horizontal line, paving the first block, paving the way to the sides and back. After paving the vertical and horizontal lines, there are standards that can be paved in stages.

Editor's summary: This is the introduction of what is the greenstone and bluestone paving procedure. I hope to help everyone. If you want to know more about yourself, you can follow the information on this site.

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