How to scientifically plan video surveillance points

In recent years, the country vigorously promote the construction video surveillance system in the fight against crime, aspects of security precautions, social management, people's livelihood has played a positive role. But with the construction of video surveillance application deepening existing laws and regulations are incomplete, overall planning is not in place, network sharing is not standardized, management mechanism is not perfect and other issues increasingly prominent, seriously hampered the construction of three-dimensional social security prevention and control system development.
   Monitoring point planning

According to the characteristics of key areas, combined with the existing monitoring points, according to the actual needs, put forward the planning ideas of “encirclement, supplement, connection and cooperation”:


As the name implies, the target area is enclosed to form a closed circle. The first is to control all intersections entering and leaving the city, the second is to control all entrances and exits in the main city, and the third is to control the entrances and exits of the local jurisdictions to ensure 100% effective coverage of the main entrances and exits, and to obtain clear images of any people, vehicles, objects and other targets that come in and out; Effective coverage is achieved at all access points.


Control the entrances and exits of all key parts, key places, and key parts. In accordance with the distribution of surrounding cameras, the main roads in the city are connected into a line, which is connected into a circle to form a plurality of interconnected closed circles to ensure that the moving targets can be captured multiple times.

Make up:

Complementary points for all kinds of closed loops: To ensure that the target passes through the closed loops of each layer, it must be able to achieve clear coverage, and reasonably plan the closed loops of overlapping overlapping areas of each jurisdiction to avoid repeated construction and leakage construction.

In the closed circle, it is mainly in the closed circle of the police station, and the monitoring points of the classified key units, key places and key parts are added, especially in the areas where the case is high, and the camera type is selected according to the actual situation.


Integrate social resources and give play to the auxiliary role of social resources in public security prevention and control. In particular, the video resources of closed and closed key units should be fully utilized to form a powerful complement to the closed circles of each layer.

   Some principles of installation

   1. Selection of pole position when considering environmental factors

(1) The distance between the pole point and the pole point is not less than 300 meters in principle.

(2) In principle, the position of the pole should be no less than 5 meters from the monitoring target area, and the longest distance should not be more than 50 meters, so as to ensure that the monitoring picture can contain more valuable information.

(3) Where there is a light source nearby, it is preferred to use the light source. However, be aware that the camera should be installed in the same direction.

(4) Try to avoid installation in places with high contrast. If it must be installed, consider: 1 Turn on the exposure compensation (the effect is not obvious); 2 Use the fill light; 3 Set the camera of the underground channel outside the entrance and exit; 4 Set in the channel A little bit.

(5) Position the pole as far as possible to avoid green trees or other obstructed objects. If it is necessary to install, consider avoiding the obstruction of trees or other obstructions, and leave room for future growth of trees.

(6) Pay attention to the survey, try to get electricity from the traffic police signal, street light distribution box, government, larger enterprises, institutions (such as: government departments, bus companies, water supply groups, hospitals, etc.) for easy coordination. Improve the stability of electricity consumption. Try to avoid small business users to take power, especially for civilian use.

(7) The gun mounted on the side of the road, pay attention to the reverse shooting of pedestrians, non-motorized roads and pedestrians' facial features.

(8) The camera installed at the bus station should be placed in the rear of the vehicle as far as possible to avoid the headlights of the vehicle and facilitate the capture of the boarding personnel.

   2, the choice of poles for different cameras

Reasonable selection of rods, to avoid the camera being blocked in the selection of social security monitoring rods, according to different camera types, try to choose the height of the manuscript that meets the best monitoring effect: 3.5-5.5 meters height can be used as an option height.

(1) Selection of gun camera height

For the selection of gun-type camera poles, try to choose the type of rods with relatively low height, usually choose the pole with a height of 3.5-4.5 meters.

(2) The selection of the height of the dome camera.

The dome camera can be rotated 360 degrees and the focal length is adjustable. The selection of the rods of all spherical cameras should be as high as possible. Usually we choose the type of rods between 4.5 and 5.5 meters. For the above-mentioned rods of various heights, a reasonable cross arm length should be selected according to the distance between the position of the pole and the position of the monitoring target and the viewing direction, so as to avoid that the cross arm is too short to capture suitable monitoring content. In an occluded environment, 1 meter or 2 meters of cross arm should be chosen to reduce occlusion.

   Camera type selection

The basic principle of surveillance camera selection is to meet the actual business application, combined with the specific situation of monitoring the site and target range, scientifically and rationally select the camera type.

(1) High-definition cameras should be adopted in high-incidence locations, public complex sites, key sensitive areas prone to mass incidents, major road sections, crowded areas and important guard targets;

(2) In the monitoring points such as key parts, key units, parks, plazas, scenic spots and traffic sections, if it is necessary to monitor a wide range of areas and overall scenes, it is necessary to identify the facial features of the personnel through lens zoom and pan/tilt control. For vehicle license plates and local scenes, high-speed dome cameras or pan-tilt guns should be used;

(3) In the areas of back streets, deviated roads, and security areas, the number of personnel vehicles is small, and there are many locations and angles to be monitored. It is advisable to use smart dome cameras with preset point cruise and pattern scanning.

(4) For nighttime ambient lighting conditions are relatively poor, and it is not suitable for the use of incandescent light fill monitoring points, infrared cameras or star-level cameras should be used.

In addition, the video surveillance system adheres to the rules of construction, on-demand networking, integrated resources, standardized application, grading guarantee, and security controllable in the process of construction. All
regions and departments should be based on relevant national laws, regulations, policies and technical standards, safe and controlled application of technology and products, overall public safety video surveillance system construction, to avoid duplication of investment; in accordance with the actual needs of safeguarding national security, public safety to promote public safety video surveillance systems networking, video image integration of various resources; standardized management, to ensure safety, promote and protect all regions and all departments sharing application for video resources; the right to the same responsibilities, investment grade classification, social participation, strengthen public safety video surveillance network application construction work of safeguards.


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