Analysis of the causes of hydraulic valve failure: hydraulic shock

After the third reason for the failure of the hydraulic valve - hydraulic shock analysis.

1. Reasons for hydraulic shock

The hydraulic system quickly reverses or closes the oil passage, causing the oil flowing in the system to suddenly change direction or stop flowing, causing the pressure to rise sharply, forming a large pressure peak, which is a hydraulic shock.

It can be seen that the main cause of hydraulic shock is the sudden start or stop of the hydraulic components.

2, the impact of hydraulic shock

1 When a hydraulic shock occurs in a hydraulic system, the peak pressure of the oil is high, sometimes 3-4 times the normal pressure.

2 The hydraulic components, pipes and measuring instruments such as control valves in the system will be damaged, and the pressure relays, overcurrent relays, etc. will also emit abnormal signals, resulting in the system not working properly.

3. Prevention of hydraulic shock

1 Under the premise of ensuring the working rhythm, try to slow down the commutation speed.

2 If manual commutation, the operation should not be too fast or too strong;

3 For the two-stage reversing valve, a throttle valve or suitable damping should be installed between the pilot valve and the main valve to properly adjust the commutation speed of the main valve;

4 Single-stage valves can also be equipped with damping to slow down the valve's commutation speed and extend the switching time to reduce hydraulic shock. 5 The cartridge valve control cover should be fitted with suitable damping.

6 Some hydraulic circuits, due to system reasons, will inevitably produce hydraulic shock. It is also necessary to add accumulators, strengthen the fixed, hard pipe to change the hose and other measures to minimize the damage of hydraulic shock to the equipment.

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